Thursday, July 9, 2009

STF Updates - 10th July

It's quite sad that the tournament is postponed. It's due to the accident that happened (player dies in competition). But well, let's just wait for the actual tournament date. Anyways, here are some updates from STF.

1) National Poomsae Training Squad/Team

STF is going to start a new squad for poomsae. It is to represent Singapore in regional and international competitions. The selection is on the 26th July, 2pm. If you're interested, i'll ask Sir, and if Sir approves, i'll give your name to the federation office.

2) Coach Induction Course

The coach induction course for coaches who wish to obtain the professional coach pass will be held as follows:
Date : Saturday 18 July 2009
Time : 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm
Place : National Training Centre
Fee : $50
Eligibility : Taekwondo Coaching Qualification or
Poomsae Coach Qualification
Closing date for
registration : Wednesday 15 July 2009

On successful completed of the course, coaches will be eligible to apply for the appropriate passes to accompany players to the competition area. The passes also affirm that the holders are coaches with professional attitude.

Do let me know if you're interested to sign up for it. (This applies to Qing Gui & Christine)

Eligibility for pass:
Coaches who hold at least a taekwondo coaching (level 1) certificate and a poomsae coach certificate will be eligible for the tournament coach pass (special).
Those who have only the taekwondo coaching certification or NCAP technical certification will be eligible for the tournament coach pass (kyorugi) only.
The tournament coach pass (poomsae) will be for those who have only the poomsae coach qualification.

All the best Wee Chng!

Members of Bishan CC Taekwondo would like to wish

Wee Chng

all the best in his upcoming competition!


Bishan Taekwondo - our fighters at Pesta Sukan 2008

Players wear a common t-shirt, made specially for them to promote team spirit.

The players and their supporters take a picture with our instructor, Rocky Sir.

Our player, Deepan, examined by a medical personnel.

Our player, Deepan, in much pain after the clash with his opponent.

Bishan Taekwondo - our fighters at Pesta Sukan 2008

Our player, Deepan, injures his leg in a clash with his opponent. He fell to the ground immediately and needed assistance from our instructor, Rocky Sir.

Our senior, Deepan, prays before he starts his match.

Bishan Taekwondo - our fighters at Pesta Sukan 2008

Emotions run high as Terence was defeated.

Terence smiles at me as he caught me taking pictures of him.

Bishan Taekwondo - our fighters at Pesta Sukan 2008

From above, our instructor, Rocky Sir, looks at the arena.

Our player Ngin Qing Gui shakes the hand of the opponent who defeated him.

A rare moment, to see our senior Ngin Qing Gui smile as I managed to capture this shot "sneakily".

Our senior, Fadhil, sizing up his opponent before he makes his move.

Bishan Taekwondo - our fighters at Pesta Sukan 2008

Our instructor, Rocky Sir, as he watches the match with anticipation.

Our senior, Terence folds his belt as he was defeated in the next round.